Our team

Here are some of the extraordinary women and men we work closely with, to initiate and lead programmes/projects to promote youths, men and women empowerment to lead to sustainable develpment.

We are a team passionate and committed to empowering women, men and youths  so they can achieve their full potential. Together we aim to reconnect to blossom,  while along the way, encouraging them to become advocates, agents of change and leaders within their communities.


Tchoumi Laurelle

Je suis Tchoumi Laurelle, âgée de 25 ans, d’expression française de par mes formations académiques mais je suis également apte en anglais.
En fin de formation à l’institut des Relations Internationales du Cameroun (IRIC). Je travaille sur le thème de mémoire « la participation des femmes médiatrices de paix dans la résolution des conflits en Afrique ». Je suis en même temps titulaire d’un autre Master 2 professionnel en paix sécurité et résolution des conflits.


I am AMABO WESLEY FRU, and I am 23 and the 4th child from a Family of five. I attended secondary and high school in P.S.S NKWEN Bamenda. I am currently a Level 2 English Modern Letters student in the University of Yaoundé 1. I play Basketball and Handball and aspire to address the human condition through film acting.

Andongibi Hope Achembo

My name is Andongibi Hope Achembo from the North West Region of Cameroon. I am a year two student in the university of Yaounde 1, studying English Modern Letters in the Department of English Modern Letters.

Mbiaze Betty Chokwantu

Mbiaze Betty Chokwantu is an avid optimist, a motivational speaker, playwright, comedian, poet, volunteer, transformational coach, content creator, teacher, youth activist, carpenter, and a purpose driven individual with a special interest in youth development.

Assuya Gouessa phanuelle Gracia

She was born in December 2000 in Yaounde and is the first of five children. Graciane is from the EAST region of cameroon , precisely from the Kadey division. She holds a GCE Ordinary and Advance Level Certificates, and currently reading English Modern Letters at the undergraduate level in the University of Yaounde 1