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Our Purpose – Youth Unleash And Empower (YUE)

Our Purpose

Promote knowledge-sharing by providing career advice and orientation to young people in and out of school, link them to scholarship opportunities, establish a divisional central library that connects schools together;
To set up information and technology centres, community radio, local journal, to aid our research and dissemination of the fruit of such research for the benefit of the community;
To engage in the promotion of gender equality, denounce sexual, youth exploitation and gender-based violence (SGBV) in the strongest terms;
To Promote peace, human rights and dignity, celebrate cultural diversity in Cameroon, Africa and beyond through community games and the organisation of cultural events.

To promote youth’s effort in climate change and agricultural endeavours by helping them with the necessary scientific information that they need through frequent workshops, funding sources for their projects and organisation of capacity building seminars.
To promote good governance, democracy, peace building, civic engagement, decency and dignity among the youths through training programs and seminars.
To encourage youth entrepreneurship