Youth, Unleash and Empower (YUE)

We work to create a global community where youths, women and men believe more in themselves; enjoy equal opportunities, participation, recognition, and contribution to the peaceful development of their societies

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Helping young people to never doubt the valuable contributions they can make in their community.

Formed in 2018, YUE has been connecting, inspiring, empowering, and elevating young women and boys through education and training programmes that help them grow personally and professionally. We advocate for peace and human rights, we train members of the community to empower them to make meaningful contributions in education, gender, peacebuilding, the environment, the alleviation of poverty, and many more.

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Reshaping perceptions on the valuable contributions young people make in community development. Helping young to step up and take the lead.

Youth, Unleash a0nd Empower provides participative and uplifting solutions to the many issues faced by young people, particularly those affected by internal conflicts. We help them rediscover themselves through skill building, quality vocational training, literary creativity which enhance innovative solutions and engagement.
17 July, 2020

Our educational programmes include UNiTE CLUBS in five secondary schools in Yaounde, two in Bamenda and three in Douala respectively.

29 June, 2018

Our ongoing project, Access Point Africa, is a literary collaboration with major creative writing bodies with the objective to help young people discover and develop their creative potentials.

5 May, 2020

Partnership with Environmental Education for a Better Earth, E2faBE

Our partnership with Environmental Education for a Better Earth, E2faBE, aims at helping young environmentalist as they work to raise awareness on climate change, global warming, and sustainable management of natural resources.

Partnerships with Women’s Empowerment Enterprise Network, WEE.

Women and girls are an integral part of our households, communities, and our world, yet they make up the greater number of people living in extreme poverty. The necessity and importance of empowering women has become and continues to become vital with each passing day, and there is an urgency to provide opportunities for women to embrace their intersectional feminism (Intersectional feminism: a form of feminism that aims to include all women and recognize that race, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, and class all influence how much and in what ways women are oppressed) while offering equal opportunities to all women.

 Partnership with Positive Peace Grou, PPG

Young people play a central role in peacebuilding and in countering violence. Our partnership with PPG has seen us train over five thousand young people across secondary schools in Yaounde in peacebuilding, responsible citizenship and positive contribution toward community growth.

Partnership with Pathway for Women Empowerment and Development, PaWED

We understand the important role policy plays in shaping community. Our collaboration with PaWED therefore, focusing on assessing existing national and international conventions  on the different areas of our interests such as gender and women’s rights, violent extremism, peacebuilding, GBV, etc. in attempts to influence policy change.

Our impact
Influencing young people to support organisations, and governments in building community peace, combating violent conflicts, gender-based violence and valuing the contributions they bring to their communities.
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